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  Whether we realize it or not, we are all on a journey towards truth. Many will discover, just as The Alchemist did after a lengthy and complicated exploration, that it has been right here within us all along. However, many of us need to go on that journey, through its twists and turns, in order to appreciate the wisdom and its application to our lives. Many will never be brave enough to charter the murky waters of the heart and mind, but there are a handful of us who find strength and purpose in lending their voice, their eyes, their ears, and their pen to sharing the bold, shocking, earth-moving, daring, and yet strikingly simple and honest TRUTH that many are, for whatever reason, wearing blinders to. By George, it’s not meant to be taken so seriously! Just admit it, own up to it, let go of the false perceptions and shame of it, and get on with it! Niki Norlock has done just that. With her tongue-in-cheek humour, she very bravely and humbly places a looking glass over her own life journey as a demonstration of how all of us create elaborate schemes in order to avoid facing the simple truth. Only when we set fire to these illusory images of ourselves and the world around us, and stand out in the clear light of day, can we allow our TRUTH to arise from the ashes and no longer stand behind a guise of some fantastical tale that is perceived as acceptable. TRUTH is what it is regardless of how some of us may have tried, or continue to try, to explain it otherwise. As Buddha has said, “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth. Not going all the way and not starting”. Niki Norlock is going all the way! Nancy D. Gosse, Author of Obscurity: In Your Face
  The world needs more heroines. Or, better yet, the world needs to recognise that heroines don't have to fit into a box – quirky, vulnerable, over-the-top and even ridiculously emotional, heroines come in all shapes and sizes. But the stand-out thing about a true heroine is her capacity for bravery. In her deliciously transparent 'heart-on-sleeve' writing style (it's as though we're actually reading her thoughts), Niki Janine Norlock maps one woman's courageous quest to discover her truth. And if Jean's first novel shows anything, it's that the world needs more heroines like Feenx. Alexandra Wenman, Author of Dear Little Angels: Ariel