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Ever wonder what it would be like if the world was run by people who were at all times not only connected to their inner guidance but willing to follow that guidance without question? Ever wonder what our world be like if every single person you met knew you, loved you, and accepted you exactly as you are, for who you are, not for who they thought you ought to be?

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Here at Every Day Connection we not only recognize the value of following inner guidance to improve upon your own life but to, by extension , allow others to explore their own inner guidance freely and without interference, thereby allowing them to also improve upon theirs. Begun as a way to discuss the vast potential of blended beingness, the show has quickly grown into a glorious examination of all the unique and wonderful ways that the people of our world are connecting to themselves and stepping into their awareness of self in a powerful and world altering movement for conscious evolution of thought, feeling and spirit. It is not about offering all the answers to life’s questions, it is about celebrating the asking of those question and the individual journey’s that people around the world are embarking on to find those answers.
For all that there are so many different ways for one to experience and explore the truths of our world there is one thing that connects us all in our exploration, we are all human and we all have within us the power to create a world that far exceeds our expectations. It is with that in mind that we at Every Day Connection seek to explore and discuss the infinite potential of human consciousness with others who have taken the journey into self and come out with a deeper understanding of what it means to live in such a magical and majestic world. We bring to us guests from all walks of life, with different back grounds, upbringing and beliefs that are willing to share their stories in the hopes that we might all realize that the only differences between us are those that we allow our mind to perceive.
Past the divisions and the misunderstanding is a place of harmony and acceptance, a place of peaceful co-creation and appreciation for all that we have, are, and will accomplish as we move forward together to continue building our world. It is not in our complacency that we initiate change, nor is it in our warring with others or our struggle against that which we perceive to no longer serves us; it is in our perfect acceptance and understanding that we all have within us the power to create whatever we wish and our ability to deliberately shift our focus onto that which does serve us.
For in the vastness of time and space, in all the worlds, across all the universes there may never be any physical being so powerful as the human being who truly understands what it means to bring their inner light into their everyday life…

Your Hosts...

Whether you believe they were brought together by chance, coincidence, the inner guidance of their higher selves or divine intervention the fact remains that they did manage to, out of the vastly diverse and complex world in which we live, emerge in a blending of symbiotic co-creative energy.

Rick O'Shields        Riichard O’Shields,

a Spirit translator from Texas, who occasionally brings through messages from his often times outspoken and impatient higher self Nestor offers up a comedic glimpse into old energy patterns and outdated ideals. Not one to stand on ceremony, and always looking for the humour in any situation Richard is most likely to tell you directly, that as far as he knows ,there is absolutely nothing serious going on our planet at the moment and if you would all just lighten up you might actually figure out what this enlightenment stuff is all about. Complimented by his crazy Canadian co-host Niki Norlock who manages to find all sorts of human type issues for our guests to tackle, Richard is somehow able to get the point across at least once in every show that people ought to try to have a little more fun with this whole living on Earth thing.

Jean Victoria Norloch      Niki,

an author from Quebec is all about loving living; pouring as much enthusiasm as possible into her writing to inspire others to find ways to see their world through newly opened eyes. Believing that our children have the edge due to their untainted view and ability to colour outside the lines she does her best to emulate their unique perspective, bringing an almost childlike quality of innocence and wonder into her work. In love with the naturally compassionate nature of humans and constantly exploring new ways to share her vision of a world she believes to be an absolutely wondrous and amazing place in which to live she is driven to through her writing allow others to see the world through not just her eyes but her heart and her Spirit.